Tips for healthy hair growth

Unfortunately, our hair grows very slowly, only about one centimeter per month. So if you want to fulfill your dream of beautiful long hair, you need a lot of patience and should consider a few things. Here are some tips on how you can optimally support your hair in healthy growth:

  • Daily head massages promote healthy blood circulation in the hair roots. We recommend our organic scalp treatment H, which brings dry or increasingly greasy scalp back into balance and supplies the hair roots with essential nutrients in the event of avoidable hair loss.

  • Avoid shampoos with aggressive surfactants - also recognizable by their lush foam formation. They dry out your scalp and hair and promote a quickly greasy scalp. Instead, prefer a natural organic shampoo sandalwood millet that is as mild as possible - for hair loss based on washing-active amino acids, tailored to your skin and hair type. You will notice how the interval between the necessary hair washes increases and the sebum production of your scalp finds its balance again.

  • In addition, treat your hair to a suitable organic conditioner. With healthy hair structure, this is not necessary after every hair wash, but only when necessary and very sparingly. With our airless dispensers, 1 pump stroke is usually sufficient. You should only knead the organic conditioner into the lengths and tips and avoid the hairline at least a hand's width - otherwise the oily care substances would unnecessarily weigh down the hairline and make it appear greasy and flat.

  • Protect your hair from excessive heat. Your straightening iron and curling iron should be equipped with ceramic heating technology that is gentle on the hair so that the hair is not additionally dried out. If you use a hair dryer, you should set the cold setting. Our Bio Finisher Volume Spray is suitable as heat protection for fine hair, and the Bio Finisher Glossing Spray for normal to stronger hair. We recommend letting your hair air dry as often as possible!

  • Wash your hair in between as needed with the deep cleansing Purifying Free Bio Shampoo to remove any build-up of residues from styling or care products on the hair and scalp. Styling residue can hinder the absorption of active ingredients, too much care ingredients weighs down your hair. It makes the hairstyle look flat.

  • As an extra growth boost from within, we recommend a wholesome diet with lots of vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables. Nuts, soy products such as tofu, legumes and whole grain cereals provide proteins that strengthen the hair structure. Zinc also stimulates hair growth. Zinc is contained in peas, lentils and beans, for example, but also in Emmentaler, Gouda cheese and sunflower seeds.

  • Avoid constant stress. Stress can lead to hair loss. Learn strategies to relax and avoid unnecessary stress. Easier said than done . . .

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