Sun protection concepts under fire

Sunlight stimulates our physical and mental wellbeing. It stimulates the formation of vitamin D for improved immune protection. However, sunlight can also be harmful to health if we expose our skin to intense sunlight without protection.

What types of ultraviolet radiation are differentiated?

Basically, 3 types of ultraviolet radiation can be distinguished according to their wavelength: UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. The long-wave UVA radiation penetrates deep into the dermis and is responsible for premature skin aging. The shorter-wave UVB radiation penetrates less deeply into the skin. In overdose, it leads to sunburn, skin damage and, according to studies, is involved in the development of skin cancer. The very short-wave UVC rays are kept away from the earth by an intact ozone layer. They are extremely aggressive.

What are the active principles of common sunscreens?

Sunscreens usually contain chemical or mineral filters. Chemical sun protection filters absorb the sun's rays and convert them into heat. Mineral UV filter particles, on the other hand, reflect sunlight in a purely physical manner like small mirrors on the skin.

Chemical sun protection filters

Chemical sun protection filters are taboo in natural cosmetics and are increasingly being viewed critically: It has been proven that they decompose under the influence of UV radiation in the skin. Cell-damaging free radicals can arise during the decay process. Chemical sun protection filters also have a significant allergy potential. They weaken the skin's own defense functions. Some are also suspected of having an estrogenic effect in the body like hormones and thus disrupting sensitive metabolic processes. Last but not least, chemical sun protection filters promote a deficiency in vitamin D when used for a long time. This vitamin, actually a hormone, is formed almost exclusively by the body in sunlight.

Mineral sun protection filters

Mineral sun protection filters such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide have so far been considered a healthy alternative without side effects. However, a more or less pronounced “whitening” on the skin was cosmetically disturbing, especially with a higher UV protection factor. In order to counteract this, the particle size of the mineral sun protection filters is minimized to the nano limit in modern formulations. Such tiny particles can in principle pass through the skin and be deposited in the body, have side effects on the metabolism and disrupt cell growth. Skin that has already been damaged by sun exposure and not intact is particularly at risk. So far, there are no clearly confirmed test results or long-term studies on this newer topic. Nano titanium dioxide is also associated with possible DNA damage to the genetic make-up, and also as a trigger for Alzheimer's or epilepsy. Nano zinc oxide is suspected of damaging brain and intestinal cells.

Herbal light protection

Against the background of the critically discussed chemical and mineral sun protection filters, we decided on purely plant-based UV protection. Our SUMMER DAY OIL does not contain chemical or mineral UV filters or any other potentially harmful ingredients. The SUMMER DAY OIL improves the active protection of the skin against light-induced oxidation processes in summer. Plant oils and extracts with an exceptionally high plant sun protection factor and powerful antioxidant effect are used. Cold-pressed avellana oil plays a central role. According to studies, the seed oil of the avellana fruit from the Chilean Andes has a natural herbal sun protection factor 10. This oil has the ability to absorb harmful UV rays. It promotes the formation of melanin, which is responsible for the protective brown color of the skin. With its extremely high content of vitamin E and palmitoleic acid, avellana oil counteracts sun-induced cell oxidation and skin aging without hindering the body's own production of vitamin D through sunlight. The additional plant extracts in our BIO SUMMER DAY OIL made from argan, amaranth, schizandra berry and sea buckthorn fruit strengthen the active UV protection of the skin and protect it from damage caused by light. Rosemary from pure CO2 extraction has been shown to reduce reddening and micro-inflammation of the tissue caused by UV radiation. In order to optimize skin tolerance for sensitive skin, the formula does not contain any fragrances or other additives.

For sunbathing, the Summer Day Oil is ideal as a skin-protecting base. Mineral sun protection should also be applied over this. A visible "whiteness factor" leaves at least.

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