myrto anti-pollution skin care

Urban air polluted with pollutant

The negative effects of polluted city air on the respiratory tract are well known. Smog, fine dust and other urban microparticles also affect the skin. The dirt particles and their buildup cause oxidative stress, increase sebum production and put a downright gray veil over the complexion. In addition to UV light, air pollution is one of the main causes of wrinkles and premature skin aging. The deposition of fine dust on the skin reduces the supply of oxygen. The dirt particles, on which organic substances and heavy metals accumulate, clog the pores, create impurities and worsen the structure of the skin. They promote irritation, redness and inflammation of the skin. The natural glow disappears. A weakened skin barrier can cause harmful substances to reach deeper layers of the skin. There they react with collagen molecules. In the cell metabolism, they are responsible for the formation of free radicals, which weaken the skin's natural defenses and accelerate skin aging.

Anti-aging - protection against environmental skin damage

In order to avoid cell damage caused by environmental stress, it is extremely important to protect the skin in good time. The myrto Anti-Pollution Serum strengthens the skin's protective barrier and counteracts skin damage by stimulating the skin's repair mechanisms. Based on aloe vera juice, the serum contains a synergetic antioxidant complex with ectoin. The clinically tested, plant-based anti-pollution active ingredient strengthens the DNA protection of the cells. Ectoin is able to neutralize free radicals in the skin that are caused by UV light, urban pollution or screen radiation. Enriched with multimolecular hyaluronic acid and other powerful moisturizers, the concentrate reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The recipe with magnolia bark, stabilized vitamin C and astaxanthin offers highly effective cell protection. The anti-pollution serum unfolds its lasting rejuvenating effect best with regular use over several weeks. You will notice that irregularities are reduced and the skin looks more vital and firmer.

In order to strengthen your skin as part of the immune system from the inside out, you should also pay attention to a diet rich in vital substances with fresh food: So regularly eat fresh, regionally and seasonal fruit, vegetables and nuts. Fresh forest air not only promotes subjective well-being, but also the oxygen supply of the respiratory tract and the entire organism. This allows toxins to be broken down more quickly and you can enjoy breathing deeply.

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