Get rid of oily scalp flakes - naturally

Are all scalp dandruff the same? Not at all! Depending on the cause, a distinction is made between different types.

If the scalp is too dry, parts of the uppermost horny cells trickle down as fine flakes. In the case of an oily scalp, on the other hand, larger, white-yellowish scales develop with dead skin cells stuck together with sebum. There is also itching and sticky, straggly hair. In addition to genetic predisposition, the cause is usually a scalp yeast fungus, the spread of which is linked to the overproduction of sebum.

What can you do about it?

In principle, oily hair should be washed daily as needed to degrease the scalp in a gentle way. Conventional dandruff shampoos seem to be effective in degreasing in the short term, but in the long term they stimulate the scalp with their aggressive surfactants to increase sebum formation. In addition, such shampoos contain questionable and skin-irritating ingredients that can trigger allergies.

In order to actually get the problem under control, we recommend our organic scalp treatment F as a calming intensive care in addition to the myrto organic anti-dandruff shampoo. The F stands for greasy, irritated and dandruff-prone scalps. This long-term balancing scalp treatment contains a natural, clinically proven complex of active ingredients with long-term effects on a purely plant basis. In addition, organic grape seed oil regulates the flow of sebum and softens keratinization. Rosemary and burdock root soothe itching and soothe the irritated scalp. The organic scalp treatment F is free from ingredients that can irritate sensitive scalps such as alcohol, emulsifiers and preservatives. It is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive scalps that are out of balance.

Application of the organic scalp treatment F

The organic scalp treatment F should be applied to the scalp with the pipette about two to three times a week and then massaged in well. The regenerating active ingredients should act for as long as possible, for example overnight. Then you can wash out the scalp treatment with a cleansing organic shampoo.

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