Dry or dehydrated skin - what should be considered?

There are a multitude of different skin types that are largely genetic. Like oily, normal or combination skin, dry skin is also a skin type. In contrast, dehydrated, dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition that any skin can develop.

How does dry skin show up?

In dry skin, the sebum glands do not produce enough lipids, which form the skin barrier as epidermal fats. Together with the protective acid mantle above, this protective layer protects the skin against moisture loss and keeps the skin surface supple. Due to the lack of lipids, dry skin tends to be tight, it can be rough or flaky and prone to hypersensitivity or redness. Visually, dry skin has at least two advantages: the complexion is almost always small-pored and there are no annoying shine areas in the T-zone.

What are the possible causes of dry skin?

Dry skin is mainly hereditary, but factors that we can influence also play a role: These are smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs with their side effects or hormonal fluctuations. Environmental influences such as dry climate, low humidity in heated rooms, extensive sunbathing, extreme heat or cold wind aggravate dry skin as well as aggressive surfactants in shampoos, creams with emulsifiers or extensive showering or bathing at high temperatures.

How does dehydrated skin show up?

Like dry skin, dehydrated skin manifests itself as a dull, pale complexion with insufficient skin tension, premature lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin is also mostly associated with a weakened skin barrier, with the skin losing too much water through the upper layers of the epidermis. This transepidermal water loss as a skin condition can occur not only with dry skin, but also with oily or combination skin.

Weakened skin barrier

With dry as well as dehydrated skin, the protective skin barrier of the upper skin layer (horny layer) is weakened in its function. As a reminder: the skin barrier is constructed like a brick wall with mortar in between. The horny cells with the connecting skin's own fats from the sebum glands as well as water and sweat protect our skin from moisture loss. If the protective barrier layer in the form of the hydrolipid film (lipid coat) is weakened, the moisture in the skin cells evaporates to the outside. The skin increasingly dries out.

This is how you care for dry or dehydrated skin

Above all, dry skin needs rich, moisturizing face creams without emulsifiers or face oils made from pure vegetable oils and extracts, which strengthen the skin's protective barrier. The myrto Argan facial care series with high proportions of unrefined shea butter, cold-pressed macadamia oil and pomegranate extract is particularly recommended. Since dry skin is usually also dehydrated or dehydrated, hydrating ingredients such as hyaluron, supported by ectoin, betaine or aloe vera, bring the skin back into balance.

As the most effective care for dehydrated skin, we recommend the layering method with several care steps:

  • Facial cleansing
    Gentle facial cleansing without surfactants is essential, especially for dehydrated skin. We recommend removing makeup or sun protection factor with a cleansing oil. If you have not applied makeup or a cream containing sun protection factor, the myrto Cleansing Cream alone is completely sufficient. This emulsifier-free care comes without fragrances, alcohol, emulsifiers or other additives. The natural active ingredient beta-glucan, which we prefer, has been shown to rebuild the skin barrier.

  • Toner
    A toner without drying additives soothes skin irritations and redness. It moisturizes the skin and prepares it for the following care steps.

  • Serum
    It is best to apply a serum to damp skin so that the highly concentrated active ingredients can be optimally absorbed. The perfect helper in the fight against dehydrated skin is hyaluronic acid. One gram of hyaluronic acid can bind up to a thousand times more moisture. Hyaluronic acid usually occurs in our body as a long-chain compound with a high molecular mass. In facial care, it has proven useful to combine different hyaluronic acid molecule sizes. In principle, the following applies: the smaller the molecular mass, the deeper the hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin and moisturizes the connective tissue. Since ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid with a particularly small molecule size has the best long-term effect compared to the larger molecule sizes, we use this so-called oligo-hyaluronic acid in the highest possible concentration in the Hyaluron Serum 300. The other myrto active ingredient facial serums with hyaluronic acid contain a high-dose natural active ingredient complex and are also anti-aging intensive care - adapted to the respective skin needs and individual skin type. If you are more prone to oily skin, you can use the serum instead of a rich night cream..

  • Moisturizing face cream
    Apply your moisturizing day or night cream from the jojoba, grape seed or argan series over a hydrating serum. All myrto day and night creams contain the natural active ingredient beta-glucan as a deep hydrating agent with a proven long-term effect. Another moisturizing high-performance active ingredient in all myrto face creams is phosphatidylcholine - more than 90% of which is contained in the “hydrogenated lecithin” ingredient. Phosphatidylcholine is used in every myrto face cream instead of an artificial emulsifier. Phosphatodylcholine is a natural component of every human cell. It is completely metabolized in the skin and, like beta-glucan, is able to rebuild the skin barrier.

  • Eye serum
    In addition to treating more or less pronounced wrinkles, crow's feet or dark circles under the eyes, an eye serum protects the sensitive area around the eyes from drying out and keeps the delicate skin around the eyes elastic. The skin-tightening myrto Argan eye serum with hyaluronic acid is also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins such as E, C and A.

  • Face oil
    A facial oil is recommended as the top layer for dehydrated skin. It locks in moisture and antioxidants without creating an uncomfortable seal or feeling greasy on the skin. The myrto face oils penetrate completely, quickly and deeply into the skin. They are a shield against further dehydration, inflammation and fine lines of skin aging. The face oils compensate for damage and irritation caused by dehydration. Last but not least, the natural myrto face oils contain phytochemicals such as carotenoids, phytosterols or flavonoids as antioxidants that fend off further cell damage and work against inflammation.

At myrto, we are generally cautious about giving advice on fixed facial care routines. For one thing, not all of us want to do all of the time-consuming maintenance steps every day. On the other hand, every skin is unique, because nobody but yourself has your skin. Only you can find out for yourself which skin care steps work best for you, fit into your daily rhythm and are most compatible with your sensitive skin.

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