All natural active ingredient power - using facial oils correctly

Face oils are one of the most popular face care products ever. People with skin problems and highly sensitive skin types in particular appreciate facial oils as an extremely compatible all-round care product that is also uncomplicated to use.

How do face oils work?

Face oils are a must-have, especially in autumn and winter. They smooth out wrinkles caused by dryness, strengthen the skin's own protective barrier and ensure the skin storing sufficient moisture. In addition, essential fatty acids, skin-like lipids, vitamins and antioxidants counteract the cellular aging process. Depending on the specific fatty acid pattern, facial oils can also reduce inflammation, pimples and blemishes. Face oils ideally have a skin-like lipid structure being absorbed directly into the deeper skin layers without leaving a greasy skin feel. They form a breathable film against moisture loss in the skin.

What is important in a good face oil?

The effectiveness of a face oil is determined by the combination of bioactive ingredients, tailored to the individual skin type and skin problem. The inseted active ingredients should complement each other creating synergetic effects.

A good facial oil consists of pure undenaturated plant oils and does not contain any chemical additives. The oils should be cold-pressed, not refined or deodorized and come from organic farming. Facial oils should as well be fragrance-free: Fragrances have an increased irritant potential promoting allergies.

Particularly valuable for the skin are CO2-extracted plant oils and extracts. This gentle extraction method is preferred for all myrto products. It preserves the secondary plant substances optimally with their full active ingredient content. Secondary plant substances serve the plant for defense and protection. More than 100,000 antioxidant substances, which have only just been researched to date, are the decisive factor for the effectiveness of a facial oil. This includes the important group of polyphenols. They protect the cells from oxidative damage, inhibit inflammation, have an antibacterial and antiviral effect. Another group of secondary plant substances are phytosterols. They strengthen the protective skin barrier, counteract cellular moisture loss and can alleviate itching. The group of carotenoids, i.a. Beta-carotene, stimulates the skin's own immune system improving cell protection, while triterpene alcohols have an anti-inflammatory effect counteracting the breakdown of collagen fibers in the cells (anti-aging).

What is the difference between facial oils for the night and facial oils for the day?

Facial oils with polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as pomegranate seed, rose hip, hemp or evening primrose oil, are particularly fast absorbed by the skin, forming a breathable film against moisture loss. They accelerate the regeneration process having a strong anti-inflammatory effect. However, these oils are also particularly sensitive to daylight. Hence better use them overnight.

For the day, better opt for a face oil with mostly oxidatively stable plant oils. Oils such as jojoba or argan oil protect the skin against harmful environmental influences and inflammatory processes, accelerating the cellular aging process.

The little known Avellana Oil (Avellana Gevuina Seed Oil), which is able to neutralize the damaging effects of UV light, occupies a special position. The Avellana tree from the silver tree family ist o be found in high altitudes of the Chilean Andes exclusively. This plant has extremely strong antioxidant powers, acting as free radical scavengers and sun protection for our skin. We use this purely herbal principle with the myrto Bio Sunshine Day Oil.

Which skin types are facial oils suitable for?

Face oils in general are recommended for all skin types. However, the inserted plant oils and extracts differ depending on the individual skin condition or skin problem. Mature or dry skin benefits particularly from anti-aging facial oils, counteracting dull skin, wrinkles and a pale complexion. For oily skin prone to blemishes, only non-comedogenic oils combatting blackheads and inflammation, are recommended.

The comedogenicity of oils, i.e. their properties of clogging pores or not, also says a lot about how well a plant oil is suitable for a particular skin type. Mature, dry skin may need a comedogenic, but nutrient-rich oil, while blemished combination skin can already react problematically to slightly comedogenic oil. The scale moves between the values 0 and 5: value 0 = not at all comedogenic, 5 = strongly comedogenic.

Face Oils instead of Face Creams?

In principle, a face oil can easily be used instead of a face cream. Especially in times when your skin is hyper-sensitive and intolerant to a large number of ingredients, switching to a minimalist oil care can be the saving solution.

Besides, it can also be best to use both products in combination. Especially, if you want an additional effect such as tightening your skin with special water-soluble active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or beta-glucan, an extra cream or serum is needed.

How can facial oils be used?

There are different ways of using facial oils and incorporating them into your daily skin care routine.

  • Option1
    Apply the facial oil to your slightly damp skin immediately after cleansing - as an alternative to a face cream.

  • Option2
    Mix the facial oil with a few drops of water, toner or hydrosol. Then apply it to your dry skin.

  • Option3
    Enrich your day cream with a few drops of facial oil - as a soothing and nourishing aid with long-term effect in the cold season.

  • Option4
    According to the layering principle, apply your facial oil in combination with other facial care products in several layers. After cleansing, toner, serum and day cream,massage the facial oil gently in as a last layer. This option is particularly recommended for dry, mature, and dehydrated skin.

Important for the application: Face oils are very rich, concentrated and should not be overdosed. A few drops are enough for all your face, neck and decollete. Less is more!

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