Vetiver - Vetiveria Zizanoides

Controlled Organic Cultivation

Vetiver is a sweet grass growing in the tropical areas of Asia - especially in Haiti, Sri Lanka, Reunion, Indonesia, El Salvador. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the roots, growing up to 3 meters deep.

Vetiver oil with its special ingredients has a physically stimulating effect on the immune system and the circulation. It is warming and very skin-friendly.

Mentally and psychologically, vetiver oil is aphrodisiac and at the same time "earthy" with its exotic-mystical fragrance. Due to its high content of sesquiterpenes, the essential oil calms and strengthens against depressive mood. It helps against mental fatigue and relieves stress symptoms.

This active substance was not registered at CODECHEK.INFO as of 25.08.2018.

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